if anything, to put a smile on ure face

I am someone with little brain, well, academically, but with opinions and talents none the less (is that all the one word? see what I mean?!). But if anything, I would like to fill my idle time, with something, that...as the title suggests, puts a smile on ure face!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Hey, this is the 1st of a hopeful many!

I love the idea of this, wen i read books, like bridget jones diary, that sort of thing, i always dream of bein a funny writer, with wit and sharp humour, which amazes me as I, well, frankly am niether!people have told me in the past that im funny, but secretly, ive always wondered whether I am funny or its me that they are laughing at. This should really concern me, but it dosnt, well, not until recently, but ANYWAY, i really do get off the track dont I!not a soul wil prob read this, so i havent a BALDY clue why im doin it, but sure here goes!
P.s. if ure a stickler for grammer and spellings, well, u can forget about it now!its handier to write in short form!why waste the energy??!
Today, i learned what everyone else around me already knows, some of the history of Ireland, im disgraced, humiliated and frankly, tail between the legs embarassed because I didnt really, honestly know anything about it before, but anyhow.
I cant believe that the RIC was forced out of their barracks down south, i find it disgusting and ruthless and the fact that previously their families and even cleaners to the barracks were intimidated preattack, is just simply awful and outrageous! These men, well, they dont deserve that title, more like cowards, decided they fancied a few guns and amo, to continue their, "war of independence", aye rite, more like, any old excuse to kill people and self obsession with control!!
So they decided to nip into the RIC barracks and nick some, and in doing so, force RIC out of the barracks and when the RIC had gone, well they just went and burned the buildings down didnt they, just to make sure the good, decent, upright RIC wud not return!!grrrr!makes me cross!further to this, they decided to kill many in the bloody sunday at dublin, and around this time. why??all because the RIC members were local and they knew who the leaders of the IVF or should i say, IRA, was and were they lived, so this apparantly posed as a threat to them.
AGGGGGHH, how???how did they get away with this??this is where all this started, this is where it should have been nipped in the bud!!
Anyways, enough ranting and raving.
Have an annual meeting to go to tonight, should be good, although, since im like a little homeless ragamuffin, i have to go home now, pack my bags, travel 60miles, without dinner, just to be able to attend my churchs annual meeting and sing at it!but you know wot??i wudnt change it for the world!
I really must write less than this every day, otherwise, certainly noone would read it, and most importantly, they would get bored even if i had mangaged to grab their attention. Anyhooooooow, im away, ive enjoyed this....blogging business, must make a habit of it!toodle doo for now!!